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The 2 Bears : Be Strong

Hot Chip’s Joe Goddard has been a very busy boy lately: not only has he just finished recording the band’s fifth album (due out later this year), but he also released one of 2011’s best singles, the skipping funky garage anthem “Gabriel” on the ever-dependable DFA label. But evidently the dilligent chap felt he still had some spare time that could be better spent in the studio, as The Guardian is now streaming Be Strong, the debut album from Goddard and London DJ Raf Rundell’s light-hearted dancefloor project The 2 Bears. If you sometimes find Hot Chip to be a little too… tongue-in-cheek for your tastes, you may want to steer clear of Be Strong: the album is as unabashedly joyous and silly as anything the group have ever put out. But for those that like their dance music euphoric, this should be just the ticket; from the brassy pop vibes of “The Birds And The Bees” to the carnival steel drums and gospel crescendo of “Church”, with all the soft synths, piano loops and 4/4 beats you could ever wish for in between, Be Strong is a glittering discoball of a record that is sure to blow away any lingering New Year hangovers. Listen to the album in full here.

Be Strong is out January 30 on Southern Fried/ DFA

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