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Top 50 Songs of 2011

OK, I’m sure there are some that I have forgotten, but here it is: Foam Hands’ Top 50 Songs of 2011. I have to admit that I don’t often choose to listen to individual tracks; I prefer to set aside some time and absorb a whole album. But there are always songs that stand out, and the following are the fifty (complete with Youtube links) that have made the biggest impact on me this year:

A few notes: I have listed these songs in alphabetical order as my personal enjoyment of individual tracks depends on any number of interchangeable factors, so whilst I might place a sunny indie-pop track at number one on a hot summer day, different weather or a different mood would inevitably shift my focus onto something from a different field altogether (for what it’s worth, though, if I had to pick an overall winner it would be M83’s “Midnight City”). Also, I have tried to limit my choices to one song per artist, although – as you can see – when it came to the four singles from Beyonce’s album, I have cheated somewhat as I just couldn’t pick a favourite. But hey: my blog, my rules. You may also have noticed a few glaring omissions, such as Shabazz Palaces, PJ Harvey, Drake, Bon Iver and James Blake: this is because (as you will see next week) their albums are so consistent that it proved impossible to pluck any one track out of its original context. Anyway, justifications over… check out the links, see if you agree with me and please feel free to share your opinions.


About foamhands

My name is Michael Dix; I'm a decade or so past being down with the kids, but to me new music never gets old. Apparently I like music that sounds like faulty kitchen appliances and ritual slaughter; really I just like what I like, whether that happens to be indie, pop, punk, hip hop, metal, electronica, Afrobeat or jazz. Follow me on Twitter @FoamHandsBlog to receive notifications of new posts and the occasional random brain-fart, and please share links wherever you can. Enjoy!

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