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Primavera Sound : Barcelona 2012 Day 3

Saturday: Our last day at Primavera (we had to catch an early flight back to England the next morning) was a relatively subdued affair, due to the intense heat and lack of adequate sleep, and a much quieter timetable than previous days. First up on the Pitchfork stage, Sandro Perri and a brilliant band offered up impressive versions of songs from one of my favourite albums from last year, Impossible Spaces, that seemed to put the crowd in some kind of sun-baked trance.

After that it was over to the off-site Auditorium for Jeff Mangum‘s sold-out all-seater show (his second of the weekend); the former Neutral Milk Hotel man’s slow return to the glare of the public eye still doesn’t allow for huge, unappreciative crowds but the setting was perfect for that particular moment: cool, dark, comfortable and very intimate. Back over to the P4K stage, then, for a typically fragmented Atlas Sound set, featuring country singalongs, doo-wop harmonies, looped drones and – of course – a few technical problems. Deciding against Beach House on the Mini stage (it was too far away and too hot and, to be honest, would probably have sent me to sleep) we took a little walk to stretch our legs and find some food, and then it was back (via a few minutes of Off! on the Vice stage) to chill out to Real Estate‘s well-received indie rock, followed by Chromatics‘ icy, thumping disco pop.

Knowing we had to be up early on Sunday, we sacrificed the Weeknd and did the sensible thing, taking a leisurely midnight stroll back up through the marketplace area (where we saw some amazing hand-painted gig posters and perused some great vintage band t-shirts) and back to the Metro station. Overall, it was a relaxed, thoroughly pleasant day, and a fitting end to a fantastic weekend; it was a shame that Bjork and El-P had to cancel, but a massive bonus that we got to see the Walkmen, and although scheduling clashes meant we missed a few acts I’d have liked to have seen (Trash Talk, SBTRKT, Spiritualized, Girls, Lower Dens, the Men etc) I don’t regret any of my choices as pretty much everyone we did watch was great. The setting, too, was wonderful. For a Brit used to spending festivals stood in wet, muddy fields surrounded by boozy louts, it was almost too good to be true to attend one so friendly and so clean in such a beautiful location: with the Mediterrenean to one side and Europe’s most stunning cityscape to the other, the views alone were almost worth the price of admission. For anyone looking for a superb weekend away, Primavera gets a massive Foam Hands thumbs-up. Here’s to next year…


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