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Why? : Sod In The Seed EP

Try telling me there’s a better lyricist out there today than Why?‘s Yoni Wolf, and I’ll point you in the direction of a hundred verses so funny, clever, twisted and moving they’ll make your head spin. Ahead of Mumps, etc. – their fifth full-length, out October 8 – the California alt-hip hop trio are releasing a six-song EP on August 13 on long-time label Anticon in the States and new home City Slang in Europe; “Sod In The Seed” (below) will appear on the album, and features a whole lotta that awesome wordplay (“A hundred bucks worth of wordy blogger thugs come forth forthwith to four seasons aflood/ To morbidly orbit your toilet like hornets abuzz forming above like buzzards in love”) set to a sweet motoring groove, but there’s no sign of filler in the exclusive non-LP tracks. “For Someone” flips between hectic percussion and a stately, lighters-in-the-air chorus, whilst “The Plan” finds Yoni contemplating mortality (“No will, write none/ Just leave it to the whims of your unborn little ones”) over a shuffling, countryish melody; all-too-brief reggae skank “Probable Cause” details a tearful run-in with a cop on the Pennsylvania Turnpike, and the similarly short – but impressively wordy – “Twenty Seven” reads like a birthday love letter from a stalker set to the tune of a perpetually dying music box. Rounding off the EP, “Shag Carpet” uses barbershop harmonies and minimal beatbox rhythms to stunning effect, like the cast of Glee recreating the heavy, rap-based sound of the Alopecia album, meaning that whether you’re a fan of the band’s harder-edged hip hop material or more delicate post-rock moments (or if, like me, you treasure both equally) there is plenty here that will have you repeatedly picking your jaw up off the floor until the LP arrives. October can’t come soon enough.


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