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Dan Bodan : Aaron

Image of Dan Bodan - DP / Aaron Ltd. Edition 7" + Download Code

Dan Bodan is a young Canadian living in Berlin with links to the contemporary UK electronic pop scene and bands like Hot Chip, who late last year self-released his little-heard second album Nudity + Atrocity; one of the tracks from that record, “DP“, has been picked up by DFA Records, but it is the B-side of the newly-released single that seems to be causing the bigger buzz. “Aaron” is a queasy blend of suffocated soul and experimental electronica that falls somewhere between Arthur Russell and Roxy Music. It’s the soundtrack to a post-rave comedown, the blurry Sunday morning after the fun/ regret (delete as applicable) -filled night before, and although Bodan’s fallen-choirboy croon is that of someone who has had their heart broken, the lyrics suggest he probably relished the whole experience.


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