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Vessel : Order Of Noise

Track artwork

There must be something in the water off the South West coast of England; two decades after Massive Attack, Portishead and Tricky popularised the “Bristol sound” producer Sebastian Gainsborough – AKA Vessel – has updated his hometown’s musical legacy with his just-released debut long-player Order Of Noise, a clash of techno and post-dubstep rhythms, short-circuiting electronics and industrial atmospherics that takes “trip hop”‘s claustrophobic, weed-induced paranoia and spikes it with old-school rave hallucinegenics. That might – initially, at least – sound about as inviting as a get-together in a darkened underpass hosted by Hannibal Lecter but, like all the best records, each listen reveals something new and helps pull the bigger picture into focus. While its more ambient moments could just as easily score a horror movie as an art installation, there is melody throughout and a complexity to its spiderweb rhythms that sees Gainsborough navigating the grey area between the dancefloor and headphone listening with ease.

Order Of Noise is out now on TriAngle Records; listen to “Court Of Lions” below.


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