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Divorce cover art

Glasgow’s Lydia Lunch-approved No-Wave avant-noiseniks Divorce have spent the past four years playing shows with the likes of Deerhoof, Part Chimp, Chrome Hoof and Male Bonding; they have released singles on labels such as Optimo Music, Merok and, er, Winning Sperm Party (?!), and their debut album, available now via Night School, features songs entitled “Stabby (Stabby) Stab”, “Coat Your Throat”, “AIDS Of Space” and “C**ts In A Circle”. If all of this information hasn’t put you off, then you’re probably a) my type of person, and b) going to love the extreme, brutal racket that comes vomiting out of your speakers when you press the play button on “Dreglegs” below. Enjoy, you sick fuck….


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My name is Michael Dix; I'm a decade or so past being down with the kids, but to me new music never gets old. Apparently I like music that sounds like faulty kitchen appliances and ritual slaughter; really I just like what I like, whether that happens to be indie, pop, punk, hip hop, metal, electronica, Afrobeat or jazz. Follow me on Twitter @FoamHandsBlog to receive notifications of new posts and the occasional random brain-fart, and please share links wherever you can. Enjoy!

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