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Chromatics : Cherry

Track artwork

What’s that you say? Another new Chromatics track? To go along with the 90-minute double-LP Album Of The Year contender Kill For Love, its drum-free counterpart and the 35-minute collection of unreleased tracks Running From The Sun? From the Italians Do It Better label’s forthcoming follow up to their seminal After Dark compilation (After Dark 2, out soon)? Oh go on then, if you insist…


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My name is Michael Dix; I'm a decade or so past being down with the kids, but to me new music never gets old. Apparently I like music that sounds like faulty kitchen appliances and ritual slaughter; really I just like what I like, whether that happens to be indie, pop, punk, hip hop, metal, electronica, Afrobeat or jazz. Follow me on Twitter @FoamHandsBlog to receive notifications of new posts and the occasional random brain-fart, and please share links wherever you can. Enjoy!

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