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Cy Dune : Where The Wild Things Are


In February, Akron/Family frontman Seth Olinsky will release his first solo material in the shape of an EP – No Recognize – on his band’s own Family Tree Records label under the pseudonym Cy Dune. According to the press release, over a number of years Olinsky had built up a 100-strong catalogue of songs which – using familiar primitive tools and techniques (acoustic guitars, field recordings, reel-to-reel tape machines) – he just couldn’t get to sound right until one day, after reading Patti Smith’s book Just Kids, he plugged in his guitar, electrifying and energising them once more. Recording the pick of the bunch with a drummer (Andrew Barker) and bassist (Shazad Ismaily) with backgrounds in jazz and country/ folk respectively, lead single “Where The Wild Things Are” references some of the restless spirits A/F have collaborated with in the past – Rhys Chatham, Michael Gira, William parker, Keiji Haino – whilst sounding like a transmission from a fuzzy, fucked-up future; listen below.


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