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Pearl Necklace : Soft Opening

Soft Opening is the debut LP from Bryce Hackford and Frank Lyon, AKA Pearl Necklace, a Brooklyn duo who have hit upon a curious strain of electronica that straddles minimal techno’s hypnotic repetition, the primitive bump-and-grind of early machine-music pioneers like Pierre Henry and Cabaret Voltaire and the psychedelic sound collages of contemporary composers like Christian Marclay and Matmos. Assisted throughout the course of the album by Arp’s Alexis Georgopoulos (who, sensing kindred spirits, hooked the pair up with Norway’s esteemed Smalltown Supersound label), Hackford and Lyon ricochet from looped, lurching grooves – squelchy funk miniature “Radio Love”, the grinding but maddeningly catchy “Don’t” – to electro- and disco-influenced burners like the chugging “Doorbell” and “Did You Feel It?” with the kind of wilful perversity you might expect given their fondness for saucy double entendres, gently coaxing the listener onto the dancefloor before bringing proceedings to an abrupt standstill with a grimy, Eno-esque ambient interlude like “Pearlfriend”. Indeed, it’s a knack for surprise that gives Pearl Necklace their unique edge; white noise furballs are coughed up at random intervals whilst “Ah Ah” loops an animalistic yelp over tribal hand drumming and “Another Invocation Of Breath” comes on like a mini-symphony for whistling kettles and roaring car engines. Listen to the Arp-featuring “Did You Feel It?” below.


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