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Kvelertak : Bruane Brenn

OK Foamies, I’m in something of a quandary. Norse rock gods Kvelertak are heading to the UK in March, and will be playing not too far away from me. My issue is that none of my real-life buds can stomach any kind of heavy music, and although my beautiful wife usually accompanies me to gigs – even when she doesn’t know or like the band – she’ll be nearly seven months pregnant by then and most likely in no fit state to stand for two hours surrounded by sweaty, moshing metalheads. Which leaves me with a dilemma: I really don’t feel ready to become that guy, the one that goes to concerts alone, but then – if “Bruane Brenn”, the first single from the Norwegians’ forthcoming Kurt Ballou-produced sophomore album Meir is anything to go by – do I really want to miss this rare opportunity? Featuring the same riotous mix of hardcore, punk, black metal and glam rock that made their eponymous 2010 debut such an irresistable, good time rollercoaster ride, this adrenaline-soaked anthem would suggest not. Meir is out March 26 via the sextet’s new label Roadrunner, and if you happen to be at Corporation in Sheffield on the evening of March 7, I guess I’ll be the guy stood at the back on his own, grinning like a fool.



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