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Buke And Gase : General Dome

We all know the importance of creativity in art; if punk taught us one thing it’s that when trying out something different, an original concept trumps poor execution almost every time. Of course, if you can couple ideas and ability, all the better. For progressive folk-pop experimentalists Buke And Gase  – Aron Sanchez and Arone Dyer – simply working out new chord progressions, or time signatures, or combinations of melody and harmony is evidently not enough of a challenge: in their relentless pursuit of originality the pair have taken to designing and building their own instruments, two of which – a six-string baritone ukulele (buke) and a guitar-bass hybrid (gase) – form the basis of their sound and provide the duo with their stage name. Second album General Dome (out January 29 via Brassland) draws inspiration from escape – from New York City to upstate Hudson and from their previous cramped basement studio to a larger, more open studio space – and whilst it includes some of B&G’s most concise, pop-savvy writing to date, the freedom afforded by the geographical shift is evident in the bang and clatter of unrestrained creativity; most of the record’s percussion, for example, seems to be stomped out on the kind of foot-operated, “one man band” bass drum/ bells/ cymbal contraption you see strapped to the backs of solo street performers, whilst the aforementioned stringed instruments are played hard and loud through various hand-made amps and effects pedals. They’ve even invented their own symbol-based alphabet, featured on the album’s artwork (above), for all you amateur code-crackers to decipher, proving that creative minds are never truly at rest. Listen to the title track below, and stream the whole record over at NPR.


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