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Baptists : Bushcraft

(MINOR) SPOILER ALERT: Whilst watching the scene in Kathryn Bigelow’s brilliant new thriller Zero Dark Thirty where American interrogators torture a suspected terrorist by making him listen to uncomfortably loud heavy metal, my wife turned to me and whispered, somewhat pointedly, “You’d love that.” Whilst I probably wouldn’t appreciate being hung from the ceiling at the same time, I couldn’t argue, but I can also see the Americans’ logic: even to fans, metal – especially the more extreme variations – can at times be something of an endurance test. Bushcraft, the debut full-length from Vancouver’s Baptists, out February 19 on Southern Lord, is a good example, but like a particularly tough session at the gym (I imagine!?) the pumped-up sense of acheivement you’re left with afterwords more than justifies the effort. Produced (as it seems all the genre’s best albums are these days) by Converge guitarist Kurt Ballou at his Godcity studios in Salem, Massechusetts, Bushcraft finds the band delivering half an hour of the most brutally dissonant, sludgy hardcore punk you’ll hear in 2013, and it’s fucking great. Listen to “Think Tank Breed” below.


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