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If you’re a Savages fan, you’re a) most likely very excited about their forthcoming debut album Silence Yourself, due out May 8, and b) quite likely to enjoy Matthieu Lescop‘s eponymous LP, which was released last year in his native France and will see a full UK release in June via Pop Noire, the label co-run by Savages frontwoman Jehnny Beth. Mining similarly moody post-punk territory to the London band, Lescop’s understated take on no-wave and dark disco provides some seriously intense moments, but there’s a pop-savvy lightness of touch, too, which has seen him praised recently by compatriots Phoenix; indeed much of the record – in particular “La Nuit Americaine” – comes across like a Gallic LCD Soundsystem, simultaneously paying homage to New Order, Bowie, PiL and Suicide, and recommendations don’t come much higher than that. Watch the Sylvie Verheyde-directed short film accompanying “La Nuit Americaine” and Jehnny Beth’s video for “La Foret” below.



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