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The Thermals : Desperate Ground

The Thermals - Desperate Ground

Reasons to love Portland trio the Thermals‘ new LP, Desperate Ground, which is out April 15 and currently streaming via Pitchfork Advance (in no particular order):

– It sounds exactly like their five previous albums; this is, obviously, a good thing, and – I’m inclined to believe – the single greatest thing about this band.

– Each and every one of their songs is delivered with such passion and all-or-nothing enthusiasm that the very idea of repetition being a bad thing seems completely ridiculous.

– It’s full of the kind of breakneck, full-volume punk pop that hits the ground running and makes you feel like you’ve been head-banging in a wind tunnel for half an hour.

– It bears no trace of the slower, more contemplative songs that occasionally caused their last LP Personal Life to drag.

– In the Thermals’ world, everyone – the church, the government, the world in general – is an enemy, but you know no matter what they’ll always have your back.

– Frontman Hutch Harris’ lyrics contain so many references to battle and dying a horrible, violent death (see “The Sword By My Side”), you’d think he was some kind of hulking medieval warrior.

– Frontman Hutch Harris is actually a scrawny, thirtysomething indie dude, which actually makes him more like Scrappy Doo (although you’d still want him by your side in a fight).

– Frontman Hutch Harris’ name is HUTCH HARRIS.

– It’s the best Saddle Creek release since Bright Eyes’ Lifted or The Story is in the Soil, Keep Your Ear to the Ground.

– If you don’t like it, chances are Hutch Harris killed you with a sword on a battlefield in a former life.

– It’s flat-out awesome; if you’re not convinced, check out “Born To Kill” below.


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