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Relapse Megapost : Unkind, Coffins, Lord Dying, True Widow

July is going to be hotter than Hell for metalheads, thanks in no small part to the mighty Relapse Records who are about to unleash a bumper crop of killer releases that not only feature among the best heavy albums of 2013, but also figure highly on the list of the year’s best records, full stop. This week three of the most ferocious long-players in recent memory drop with the collective force of an atomic bomb: first off, Finnish hardcore heroes Unkind‘s sixth album of blackened D-beat and post-rock atmospherics, Pelon Juuret, which adds scowling punk ‘n’ roll attitude and a twist of melody – not unlike fellow Scandinavians Kvelertak – to their crusty, fist in the face blueprint. Listen to the title track below.

Next up is the long-awaited new album from Japanese doom veterans Coffins. Fourth LP The Fleshland adds a second guitarist to the line-up, which only serves to thicken the torrent of apocalyptic sludge that slides slowly down the mountainside, drowning everything in its path. Check out “The Vacant Pale Vessel”, and stream the whole thing over at Terrorizer.

Portland, Oregon’s Lord Dying are a young band – they’ve only been together for a year – but on their debut Summon The Faithless they attack thrash- and prog-referencing riff-o-rama with the expertise of seasoned warriors like Mastodon and High On Fire. Listen to the crushing “Greed Is Your Horse” (below) for a taste, then catch your breath and head over to Crave to hear the album in full.

Finally, you’ll have to hold on a couple more weeks for the new True Widow LP Circumambulation (out July 23), but believe me it’s worth the wait. The Dallas trio’s unique sound – a spellbinding shoegaze/ stoner rock hybrid – has grown ever heavier over the last half-decade (hence their newly-forged relationship with Relapse) but it’s also got sweeter, with co-vocalist and bassist Nicole Estill’s low-end hooks and honeyed drawl in particular imagining an opiate-fuelled Melvins/ Mazzy Star jam session. Listen to “HW:R” for proof that, after 23 years, Relapse is still breeding champions at a rate that puts other metal labels to shame.



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