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Pinkunoizu : The Drop

If a spell living in Berlin taught Danish psychedelic rockers Pinkunoizu anything, it’s how to Krautrock like true natives. Second album The Drop, out now via Full Time Hobby, opens with a brace of gently percolating motorik jams – “The Great Pacific Garbage Patch” (below) and the near ten minute “Necromancer” – that recreate the sounds of ’70s German avant-prog rockers like Neu! and Cluster so convincingly you’ll swear you can hear the hairs of a handlebar moustache brushing the microphone or the sound of brown corduroy flares rustling in the background. Keen to prove they’re no one-trick ponys, though, the band veer into more varied terrain as the album progresses, trying their hand at baggy indie pop (“Moped”), stoned country funk (“Pyromancer”), acid-spiked garage punk (“Tin Can Alley“), orchestral trip hop (“I Said Hell, You Said No”) and pastoral folk (“Down In The Liverpool Stream”) and making a pretty fine job of each. Normally this kind of genre-hopping would lead to a disjointed long-playing experience, but Pinkunoizu have plenty of ideas and enough enthusiasm to pull it off, making The Drop a thrilling and more than welcome exception to the rule.


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