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Terry Malts : Nobody Realizes This Is Nowhere

So you know how people used to think Jimi Hendrix was singing “Scuse me while I kiss this guy“? Well those people really shouldn’t feel bad about it: it’s so easy to mishear lyrics, especially in the middle of a racket like “Purple Haze”, that it happens all the time. It isn’t so forgivable, however, when what you’re mishearing is the actual title of the song. At school, one of my friends thought that awful white ragga-rapper Snow was singing “Hey Farmer” as the hook to his 1992 number one hit “Informer”, something that we teased him mercilessly about for approximately fifteen years afterwards. Now I too have fallen victim, and don’t I just feel the fool: for the last few weeks I’ve been listening to Nobody Realizes This Is Nowhere, the sophomore album from California punk pop trio Terry Malts (out September 9 via Slumberland), and hearing the chorus of its opening track as “Toothpaste lips/ They’ve got toothpaste lips“. Even though the title of the song is “Two Faces”. In my defence, the song does start with the sound of an alarm clock ringing, and, you know… wake up, brush teeth… no? Ok, well screw you guys. Besides, something tells me that this band aren’t the kind of fellas to hold a little mistake like that against a poor, confused soul. Terry Malts make the kind of awesome racket you just don’t hear enough these days: fast, loud music for jumping up and down on the spot or skateboarding downhill to. It’s informed by hardcore, and Devo, and Blink 182 and even Morrissey (all three members used to play with Smiths-influenced janglers Magic Bullets), with guitars that slice and crunch and fizz like an apple wrapped in barbed wire. It’s an album about the problems of “living with the human race“, that fires shots at the shiny happy people (“Why’s everyone so well-adjusted/ My calibration must be busted“) and the dead-eyed vacuous vampires (“They’re feeding!“) and jams a thumb in the eye of its own existential angst (“If everything’s alright/ Why can’t I sleep at night?“) by dragging it out of the shadows and giving it a good drunken roughing up. Their Facebook profile quote (“Tall cans & short attention spans“) pretty much nails it, so for anyone who still thinks “toothpaste lips” is some kind of punishable offence, heed the band’s own words: “You ought not take yourself so serious.” Lighten up fuckers, this rips; listen to “I Was Not There” below, and stream the album in full over at Ad Hoc.



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