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Faux Fur and Viet Cong

Faux Fur cover art  Cassette cover art

Canadian four-piece Women burned out prematurely last year when guitarist Christopher Reimer tragically passed away unexpectedly in his sleep, but they left behind one hell of a legacy, not just in the shape of their two remarkable albums (2008’s eponymous debut and 2010’s Public Strain) but also in the Calgary indie rock scene that coalesced around them. The group have concrete links to two of the city’s current “next big things”, Faux Fur and Viet Cong: the former’s drummer Andrew Flegel is the younger sibling of brothers Patrick and Matthew, whilst Matthew and Women bandmate Mike Wallace play in Viet Cong alongside members of Sharp Ends, Lab Coast and Chad VanGaalen’s band. Both outfits have new releases available via their Bandcamp pages, with Faux Fur’s self-titled debut full-length up for free download. Winding knotty tangles of barbed-wire guitar (a la Women) around proggy psych-pop song structures and 17 (!) year-old frontman Jean-Sebastian Audet’s whimsical vocals, it’s a Marquee Moon-by-way-of-Sic Alps cult classic in waiting; listen below.

Viet Cong’s six-track Cassette is a bit more angular, harder-edged with more rhythmic heft; Faux Fur’s big brother, if you will, both figuratively and literally speaking. Combining the same gnarled, trebly post-punk guitar tone with the occasional synth and taking diversions into harsher noise/ Krautrock territory (“Structureless Design”, “Select Your Drone”) it’s an instantly thrilling listen with “Unconscious Melody” – white funk Bowie meets Orange Juice meets Talking Heads – possibly the best song I’ve heard all year. A tantalising teaser of a tape, and one you’ll wish was twice as long; check it out below.


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