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As someone who remembers (vaguely) what the ’80s were like the first time around, the word “yuppies” conjures up images of arrogant, Wall Street Journal-studying Donald Trump wannabes bleating “Buy! Sell!” into brick-sized cellphones in the middle of some painfully expensive wine bar. Omaha’s Yuppies – the band whose eponymous debut album is out this week via Andrew Savage (of Parquet Courts‘) Dull Tools label – sound as though they have very little in common with those loathsome creatures, or their modern, high-fiving, frat-bro city trader equivalents; in fact, come the day when the world’s economy finally collapses completely, you kinda get the feeling this group would be first in line to offer their services – free of charge – as the house band for the anarchists’ victory party. Not that their music is particularly political; if anything they give the impression of not really caring about anything besides having a good time. With frills-free, straight-to-tape takes, rabble-rousing spoken intros (“Alright, alright, we’re going for a ride/ Whether you like it or not/ Grab your things, collect your thoughts/ We’re going for a ride, alright, alright“) and songs rear-ending each other like an 11-car pile-up, Yuppies could almost pass for a live record: sloppy enough to remind you that rock & roll is a messy business, but sharp enough to convince doubters that they are more than capable of holding their own with the big boys. Indebted – but not beholden – to ’70s punk and ’80s indie (frontman Jack Begley sounds like the spawn of Jonathan Richman and Frank Black), with occasional forays into droning Sonic Youth-style art-rock, it’s an effortlessly energetic document of a band hitting their stride at full speed, and a rambunctious reminder of why you fell in love with guitar rock in the first place. Check out a trio of tracks (“A Ride”, “What’s That?” and “Hitchin’ A Ride”) below, and stream the whole thing via Pitchfork Advance.


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My name is Michael Dix; I'm a decade or so past being down with the kids, but to me new music never gets old. Apparently I like music that sounds like faulty kitchen appliances and ritual slaughter; really I just like what I like, whether that happens to be indie, pop, punk, hip hop, metal, electronica, Afrobeat or jazz. Follow me on Twitter @FoamHandsBlog to receive notifications of new posts and the occasional random brain-fart, and please share links wherever you can. Enjoy!

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