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Huerco S : Colonial Patterns

Huerco S. - Colonial Patterns

By its very nature, electronic music is one of the most future-fixated forms of artistic expression, and yet – as much so as pop or rock – it seems to delight in nothing more than its own past. For his full-length debut as Huerco S, Colonial Patterns (out now via the Software label), Kansas City-based producer Brian Leeds has hit upon a rather unique way of reconciling techno’s history with its here and now: by distorting and degrading rhythmic loops and synthesized sound-beds – sometimes to the point of near inaudibility – Leeds has made a record that sounds like he buried a rucksack full of early-’90s Warp, Underground Resistance and old rave tapes in the desert and left it there for ten years before digging it up and splicing the melted, decomposed, dust-coated contents together into a series of sparse, hypnotic and occasionally oddly beautiful sound collages. Leeds calls it “Midwestern techno”, and you can understand why: many of the fourteen tracks here are chokingly arid, so sun-bleached and brittle that – at first – they seem bleak, lifeless. But like unearthed artefacts from the Native American and Pre-Columbian civilizations with which Leeds seems so obsessed (see track titles like “Quivira” and “Canticoy”), closer inspection reveals glittering goodies underneath the grime, with “‘Iinzhiid”, “Ragtime USA (Warning)” and “Prinzif” in particular showcasing Huerco S’ genre-bending, generation-spanning sound; listen below, via Dazed Digital.


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