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Gardland : Syndrome Syndrome

Alex Murray and Mark Smith, the two Sydney-dwellers that make up electronic production duo Gardland, claim to have met during a 10-day “psychedelic desert excursion” into the outback, so it stands to reason that Syndrome Syndrome – their debut LP, out October 28 via RVNG Intl – feels like an appropriate soundtrack to a chemically-enhanced weekend spent hallucinating poisonous spiders during the day and performing tribal dance rituals around a blazing campfire by night. Syndrome Syndrome reflects the current fondness within the electronic community for lo-fi, blown out beats but under the layers of grit and gristle are some seriously impressive old-skool braindance vibes, with ghostly Autechre-like melodies and ping-ponging polyrhythms strobing frenetically through steely industrial techno frameworks. Muscular but emotive, it’s as much of a trip as the experience that inspired it, and up there with the label’s other recent output – Blondes, Maxmillion Dunbar, Stellar Om Source – among the best electronic releases of the year; check out “Magicville” below.


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