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C. Spencer Yeh, Okkyung Lee and Lasse Marhaug : Wake Up Awesome

Int. suburban living room, littered with a child’s toys. M sits cross-legged on the couch reading a book, listening to Wake Up Awesome by C. Spencer Yeh, Okkyung Lee and Lasse Marhaug. D enters the room unzipping an outdoor jacket and looking flustered.

M: Oh, hey dad. Everything okay? Nice walk?

D: What in the hell are you listening to? This is horrendous! We’ve had a lovely walk and then we come back to this… noise! Poppy’s still asleep in her pushchair, but you’ll need to turn this off because she’ll…

M: Don’t worry dad, if she’s asleep she’ll be fine, I play music around her all the…

D: Pfft! I wouldn’t call this “music”! God help her if she’s growing up with this, this… racket, she’ll probably turn out to be a serial killer or something.

M rolls eyes

D: What is this anyway, Captain Beefheart or something?

M: No dad, not all avant-garde music is by Captain Beefheart. I actually listen to, like, new music mostly… This is…

D: Not music…

M: This is a collaboration between Okkyung Lee, C. Spencer Yeh and Lasse Marhaug, who are actually very well-respected musicians individually within certain circles and…

D: Idiots, you mean?

M: …they’ve come together here for this special series called “SSTUDIOS” that this label Software are curating.

D: Christ, they’re not going to make much money from that are they?

M: I don’t think anybody in the music industry makes much money nowadays dad…

D: No, and this is why!

M: Look, you said you’d take her out and give me an hour to chill out, and this is good music…

D: Not music…

M: …to stick on and read to cos it’s not too distracting but still interesting and clever enough…

D: Pfft!

M: No, really. These guys are brilliant musicians, brilliant improvisers. All of this is essentially just a cello and a violin and some electronics and samples all played live.

D: And what, this… Spencer Lee Mohawk? He plays all of those at once? No wonder it sounds like this. Seriously, when I walked in I thought you were being raped, there was so much scratching and squealing going on… Or putting up shelves, it sounded like someone building something. Whilst being raped!

M shakes head

M: Look, when we come and stay with you, I don’t walk in and start criticising Dire Straits or whatever you’re listening to… This may not be your cup of tea, but it’s actually not all that different to the classical stuff mum likes. A lot of very smart people like this kind of stuff. I like this kind of stuff!

D: You used to like the Beach Boys!

M: I… What? I still like the Beach Boys…

A baby cries in another room

D: See, now Poppy’s awake.

M: Yeah, thanks dad.

M puts down his book, gets up, walks over to the stereo and turns off the music before heading towards the door

D: Put those Fleet Foxes on, I like them.

M: I know you do dad…

Wake Up Awesome is out November 19 via Software; listen to a medley of tracks and “The Mermen Of Poetry” below. Note: the above is NOT based entirely on actual events; my old man is actually a pretty chill dad. Big up pops.



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One response to “C. Spencer Yeh, Okkyung Lee and Lasse Marhaug : Wake Up Awesome

  1. “building shelves whilst being raped”. classic. You could try “cats being bowed, while mongolian shamen chant on.” I’m working on reviewing this record at the moment, myself. I hadn’t listened to Burning Star Core in a minute, got me reminiscing and listening to good ol’ drone records, pulling out old hard drives. Always a treat. This one takes some getting used to, but i like it.

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