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Jack Name : Light Show

In between stints with Fictional Boys and Tim Presley’s psychedelic garage outfit White Fence, the awesomely-monikered John Webster Johns has found time to record a cracking little solo album under the slightly less awesome pseudonym Jack Name. Light Show, out January 21 via Drag City imprint God?, is a bite-sized chunk of exemplary weirdo pop that finds snot-nosed punk, (“Do The Shadow”), spaced-out soul (“Pure Terror“) and crunchy glam rock riffola (“Born To Lose”) exploding against a backdrop of primitive drum machines and wipe-clean synth sheen, the studio-savvy multi-tasker firing off slippery six-string missives and purring seductively like the kind of cat that’s too big and too dangerous to be rubbing up against your legs. With its Bolan and Bowie influences writ large (a second half heavy on concrete noise interludes and ambient miniatures gives off serious Low vibes) and bawdy undertones Light Show paints Johns as The Man Who Fell To Earth & Landed In The Rocky Horror Picture Show, a saucy, swivel-hipped snake-oil salesman shooting sex and surrealism into the stratosphere; listen to  “Born To Lose” below.


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