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Vessel: Punish, Honey

From the press release: “With second album Punish, Honey, Vessel sought to create something that felt more organic even if the sounds themselves didn’t always feel inherently organic. That lessening interest in electronic sounds was concurrent with a burgeoning interest in natural sounds, in particular how the physical body has a direct effect on the nature of the sound, whether it be harsh or pure, messy, violent, seductive, or strange… he then created his own unconventional instruments using sheets of metal as percussion, sawing up bikes to make flutes and creating harmonic guitars all by his own hand”
From the artist: “Let me just kill this off before it gets out of hand: This record was NOT influenced by ’70s Glam music’, Kevin Shields or Trip-Hop. Can all you budding journos out there take note; you can theorise all you like, but making definitive statements about an artist’s intentions or influences is a bad move. Unless you know better, it’s all FUCKING CONJECTURE. Ta. Now put it on and go fuck someone you love.”
Punish, Honey is out now via Tri Angle Records; check out “Red Sex” below.



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