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Purling Hiss: Weirdon

Purling Hiss - Weirdon
From the label:
“Full-tilt tunes, aggro riffs, feedback peals, stoned soul-searching pop turnarounds and magisterial portraits of the go-nowhere lifestyle in abstract… ding dong, you’re correct: we are describing the sounds of Purling Hiss! But dig it, Weirdon is a new-phase Purling Hiss album, using the songwriting and guitar style of Mike Polizze to come up with a quicksilver sound touched on only briefly on previous records. If last year’s Water On Mars was the Philadelphia trio’s’ “heavy rock” album, Weirdon travels into the pop dimension, making their fastest and catchiest songs in the abiding images of punk and psychedelia… Full colour rock & roll, Weirdon is a rainbow of a record; beaming down to the stereos and streets and highways and boomboxes of today, through the unique and still-growing prism of Purling Hiss. Get yer Weirdon!”
Weirdon is out now via Drag City; listen to “Forcefield Of Solitude” below.


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