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Run The Jewels: RTJ2

Killer Mike and El-P have been telling us that a sequel to last year’s crushing Run The Jewels album was in the works ever since that record dropped, and they’ve just made good on their promise in typically generous fashion, releasing RTJ2 as a completely free download in the early hours of last Friday morning – five days ahead of its official commercial release on Nas’ Mass Appeal label. Now, I could waste 200 words telling you how heavy El’s grimy space-battle beats are, espousing the heartwarming camaraderie between these real-life best buds or trying to describe the vein-popping ferocity with which both MCs deliver their rhymes throughout, but if you’re familiar with the first RTJ or either of the pair’s 2012 solo LPs you’re going to know about all of that already; I could also assure you that RTJ2 belongs to the Godfather II/ Empire Strikes Back/ Terminator 2/ Dark Knight school of darker, angrier, better-than-the-OG sequels, but why would I waste your time doing that when you can just grab it for free – with Jaime and Mike’s blessing – and come to that conclusion all by yourself? Do that, then do the right thing and buy the motherfucker too.



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