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Hookworms: The Hum

From NPR:
“On second album The Hum, Leeds band Hookworms are beholden to the motorik beat and the pulse it leaves behind. More than any other current group, however, it’s intent on exploring the energy and chaos that such a solid anchor can provide. Bass guitar and droning organ sounds connect the beat to the tendrils of noise and ripcurls of guitar feedback and synth sounds that skim across its surfaces, before flying upward and outward, adjoining headier sounds with the sonic terror of heavy shoegaze. There are essentially six songs here, connected by instrumentals named in lowercase Roman numerals (a carryover from 2013’s Pearl Mystic). But in the songs’ relative brevity, Hookworms can’t waste a moment, providing shrewd transitions between the droning single “On Leaving” and the restless “Radio Tokyo.” The focus on concision pays off; The Hum is meant to be consumed as an album, with no breaks, and the band lets you know that upfront. It clearly intends to bang heads with “The Impasse,” which drags solemn instrumentation into the burning furnace of rock ‘n’ roll, in the process paying tribute to the Stooges and At The Drive-In. The beat underscoring The Hum might run in circles, but it’s as much an effort to disorient as it is to keep Hookworms tethered to Earth. One false move, and these kids would blast through the roof of any venue foolhardy enough to think they could be contained.”
The Hum is out November 10 via Weird World; check out “On Leaving” below.


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