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Albums of 2014 #13: Dean Blunt: Black Metal

A couple of listens in, Dean Blunt’s Black Metal suddenly started reminding me of David Bowie’s Low; most obviously because both albums start with a run of relatively sunny pop (-not-pop) songs before nose-diving into bleaker, more avant-garde soundscape territory, but also – on a deeper level – because both succeed in cloaking their already shadowy creators in an even denser aura of inscrutability than they appeared to wear before you hit “play”. As with much of Blunt’s work, under his own name or with Hype Williams, Black Metal often felt like it might be the punchline to a joke you weren’t in on (or, if you happened to be a middle class white male, part of a discourse on issues of race and gender you really had no business contributing to) but even to those of us in the dark the flashes of light constantly bouncing off its polished surface were blinding. Changing masks frequently – from punch-drunk lounge crooner to frazzled folk-pop troubadour, wannabe gangsta rapper to dub warrior to night bus noise terrorist – Blunt hypnotizes and then jolts the listener awake with a sharp left turn, over and over; like Bowie, impossible to second-guess, and a cracked actor worth watching in any role.


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