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Albums of 2014 #4: St. Vincent: St. Vincent

. Annie Clark’s eponymous fifth album as St. Vincent contained much to delight all sections of her devoted fan-base. For those in love with that voice there was the way her purr turned to a roar as effortlessly as a sleepy lioness admonishing her overly boisterous cubs, and there was enough technological trickery to keep the gear nerds puzzling for months; there were the finger-in-the-mains solos that came out of nowhere and still managed to shock a dozen listens later, and the clipped, funky beats that sounded as if they were played by a robot programmed to sound like a human drummer pretending to be a robot. There were nods to McCartney (“Regret”) and Bowie (“Severed Crossed Fingers”) and, of course, former collaborator David Byrne, and songs so clever and so catchy you didn’t even realise they’d mutated into something else entirely by the time they finished. There was elegant, understated Annie (“I Prefer Your Love”) and scary, over-the-top Annie (“Bring Me Your Loves”), experimental Annie, raunchy Annie, bruised Annie, funny Annie and more, and these songs were their profile photos, the pictures they took of each other to prove they really existed. Whether they ever did was another matter – Clark blended fact and fantasy as skilfully as any writer – but amongst so much inane digital waste it felt irrelevant; these were status updates that actually deserved your attention, from an artist that truly deserves your love.


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