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Tigercats: Mysteries

From the label:
“Mysteries is the second album from East London’s Tigercats, described by The Sunday Times in a review of their 2012 debut Isle of Dogs as “a very, very good band…. The kind of band that make you want to be a teenager again, so they can be your band.” Isle of Dogs fizzed with jangly punk, afro rhythms and spoken word sections, while Mysteries is a sophisticated pop record, effervescent and spirited, with care and love poured into every song. Highlights include album opener “Junior Champion”, a pop gem in the shape of bishops, knights, kings and queens – a Bobby Fischer-referencing love song and anthem for chess fans everywhere – and “Wheezer”, of which Duncan says cagily, “I don’t want to say what this song is about, the record’s not called Mysteries for nothing. Although this one is just a small, silly mystery and it should be pretty easy to work out – the clue is in the title”. The album closer, the gorgeous, woozy “Wendy & Lisa”, sees Duncan referencing another of his musical obsessions, saying, “This is the result of reading too many terrible Prince biographies and conflating The Revolution’s private lives with my own in dreams. There is a dream logic to the song that made sense when I wrote it, but I can’t figure it out now.” Although Duncan is the vocalist for most of the songs, Laura takes the lead on two, the dreamy Saint Etienne-esque “Laura & Cesar” (based on two minor characters in Roberto Bolaño’s novel The Savage Detectives), and  the fabulous “Sleeping In The Backseat”, of which Duncan says, “I’ve always wanted to write a good driving song, but I don’t have a license so this is probably the closest I’ll get.” Mysteries is the sound of a band of outstanding musicians fulfilling their potential and using their talents in the studio to realise their musical vision, retaining their infectious hooks, their heart and their sheer danceability, and coupling it with a bright new contemporary sound. Superbly crafted and full of personality, Tigercats’ second album suggests that they won’t remain a mystery much longer.”
Mysteries is out now on Fortuna POP!; check out “Junior Champion” below.


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