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TheeSatisfaction: EarthEE

From NPR:
“EarthEE, like THEESatisfaction‘s 2012 debut awE naturalE, is immersive almost to the point of hypnosis. Blending electronica, R&B, neo-soul, avant-garde hip-hop, and an expansive Afro-futuristic philosophy, Cat Harris-White and Stas Irons have constructed a cosmology of political consciousness, poetic lyricism and viscous, funky instrumentation that sticks like cooling caramel. In a manner more befitting speculative fiction than pop radio, the Seattle duo  have always concerned themselves with galaxy-building — their albums, videos and performances don’t arrive in this world so much as reveal theirs. This is partly thanks to the unusually intimate way Irons’ and Harris-White’s vocals interact, as they echo, bolster and respond to each other with urgency and empathy inherent to the spoken-word scene in which they first met. More than half the tracks here are collaborations with Shabazz Palaces, Meshell Ndegeocello, Taylor Brown and/or Erik Blood, as well, furthering the impression of the pair as ascending the throne of futuristic, innovative groove-royalty. In both register and tone, EarthEE is much lower than the comparably playful awE naturalE. Harris-White and Irons dial back the animation in their deliveries, and make up for it by upping this album’s lyrical ante. “Planet For Sale,” “Post Black Anyway,” “Recognition” and “Fetch/Catch” are intense, percussive portraits juxtaposing a bleak, apathetic present with visions of an enlightened future. This, above all, is what defines THEESatisfaction: a knockout punch of consciousness-raising embedded in a deceptively easygoing beat. In theory, EarthEE is a cosmic, funky dance party. In practice, it’s a revolution.”
EarthEE is out now on Sub Pop; listen to the title track below.

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