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Moon Duo: Shadow Of The Sun

Shadow of the Sun
From NPR:
“Many traditionalist bands look to breathe life into old riffs, but Moon Duo seems to put more thought into it than most. The band’s third album, Shadow Of The Sun, is another collection of cyclical songs based on the simple, repetitive riffs of singer-guitarist Ripley Johnson and singer-keyboardist Sanae Yamada (with the assistance of, alternatively, a drum machine or auxiliary drummer John Jeffrey). That approach has never been a drawback; Moon Duo’s previous albums are visceral yet dreamy, and Shadow Of The Sun follows suit beautifully. What makes this the best Moon Duo record to date is the way Johnson and Yamada have plumbed ever deeper into their droning, elemental psychedelia. There’s a haunting familiarity to much of Shadow Of The Sun; Yamada’s cascading, carnivalesque keys in “Night Beast” recall The Seeds, while the throbbing pulse of “Wilding” alludes to both Suicide and Spacemen 3. Neither track suffers from these obvious touchstones; in fact, the influences Moon Duo flaunts throughout Shadow Of The Sun make it feel like part of a continuum rather than a pastiche. Most thrillingly, “Slow Down Low” evokes the throbbing romanticism of early Jonathan Richman as filtered through Can’s krautrock; even the song’s name seems like a playful response to The Modern Lovers’ “Roadrunner.” The band shakes things up on “Ice,” a shimmering, cinematic oscillation of synths that pretends Giorgio Moroder produced The Stooges’ self-titled album — and somehow makes that odd combination work. But the album’s most startling moment comes when “Animal” rears its head: a feral, fuzzed-out anthem crawling with ghosts and cobwebs, it hearkens back to the ’80s death-punk of 45 Grave. Moon Duo wears its pedigree proudly on its sleeve, but thankfully, Shadow Of The Sun doesn’t coast on the past. Instead, it reinvents it for a hectic future where the best form of meditation might just be the drone of a blissful riff.”
Shadow Of The Sun is out now on Sacred Bones; listen to “Animal” below.


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