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Prurient: Frozen Niagara Falls

From the label:
“For almost 20 years, with Prurient, Dominick Fernow has singlehandedly defined a genre of music and created a musical entity unlike any other that filters within the umbrella of experimental, noise, and ambient music respectively. Throughout a massive catalogue that consists of full-lengths, EPs, splits, singles, limited cassette runs and 7” releases etc. Prurient has been known to constantly shape shift its sound into many mutations and incarnations within the noise genre through massive layered walls of sound consisting of harsh feedback, tortured vocals, meticulous sampling, machine-like industrial pounding, entrancing synth work, darkwave beats, and waves of electronica to create an aura that treads the fine line of harsh noise extremity and dark, brooding atmospheric beauty. With Frozen Niagara Falls, Fernow amasses a sound in which one can find familiarity from the entire Prurient repertoire, all the while defining a new statement within his sound as something unlike anything he has done before resulting in what could very well be the Prurient magnum opus.”
Frozen Niagara Falls is out May 12 via Profound Lore; check out “Dragonflies To Sew You Up” below.


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