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Pigeons: The Bower

From the label:
Pigeons are in the midst of their longest running line-up, with Wednesday Knudsen and Clark Griffin augmented by Rob Smith on drums and voice, though this particular configuration is new to anyone save those who have seen the band perform live since their last full length. They have invited you back into their home after years rooting around the confines of the studio seeking their very particular, and peculiar, forms of clarity. Roles have changed, song structures have more movement, richer textures, greater surprises. For one long weekend about a year after full time occupation of The Bower (the house-cum-studio situated amongst the knobby hills of the eastern section of the Hudson Valley in New York), the trio, perfectly captured by Mike Fellows manning the board, laid down the songs carved deep in the grooves of this slab (or, conversely, encoded mysteriously in the fabric of zeros and ones). Some know-it-alls will hear a wide breadth of influences; some will research the band’s past and compare fleeting words to current sound with the grace of holding a handful of the ocean at the shore; others will be confounded, befuddled, and tickled with the possibility of the old new noise pop lullaby prog earthly outer space future sounds of the band. Regardless, this is a new mach, and the blazing arc across the skies outside of your window is the remnant of the band moving on to even newer sonic destinations.”
The Bower is out now on MIE; check out “Foxglove” below.


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