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Ezra Furman: Perpetual Motion People

From the press release:
Ezra Furman‘s last album Day Of The Dog made him a critical darling, with The Guardian awarding five stars to both the album and his live show. In self-deprecating fashion, Furman refers to the breakthrough on “Lousy Connection” (“I’ve got the world’s ear, I’m all fucking mumbles/ I guess I’m just another link in a chain”) while the music taps his favourite ‘50s doo-wop  accompanied by Tim Sandusky’s parping saxophone. “I don’t want to be too cocky about it,” Furman sighs. “Fame comes and goes. I still have the same job, to make something really good.” In that, he’s done his job, switching from the sinewy jubilance of “Hark! To The Music” to the wistful heart-ache of “Ordinary Life”, from the power-pop snarl of “Tip Of The Match” to the wracked country blues of “One Day I Will Sin No More”. The waterfront covered marks Furman out as a true original, tapping avenues of music that most others have left well alone, or wouldn’t have the guts to emulate. “There’s rarely been a scene that I’ve wanted to be part of,” he admits. “I’m just not hearing other stuff out there that I wish existed, so that’s my goal, to do it myself.” The sax/guitar/handclap-driven “Body Was Made” follows a similar thought about deciding your own gender and thought process: “Your body is yours at the end of the day / And don’t let the hateful try and take it away / We want to be free, yeah we go our own way and my body was made.” “Wobbly” reinforces the message that, “the world of categories and limitations has very little to do with me,” Furman declares: “Each life has no precedent, so there’s no plan you can fit into. No one is categorisable.” So it goes for Perpetual Motion People, with its equal doses of desperation and joie de vivre, irresistible melody and boundless energy. Ultimately, Furman declares, life in perpetual motion is, “a good way to be. If you are never sure footing, you don’t get bored and the world is always new. It causes a lot of pain as well, but it seems worth it, and it is probably the only way I know how to be.””
Perpetual Motion People is out now via Bella Union; check out “Restless Year” below.

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