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Tunde Olaniran: Transgressor

Transgressor cover art
From Assemble Sound:
“The Afro-futurist mix of Hip-Hop/R&B/Punk that is Tunde Olaniran presents his debut album Transgressor. The record showcases Olaniran’s masterful approach to mixing intelligent and conscious commentary with a slew of personal revelations and heartfelt declarations. The album ranges from the hi-energy dance-pop feel that has brought attention to Olaniran in the past, to tracks that make clear his abilities to be at once gut-wrenchingly emotional, candidly playful, and deadly-serious. Currently calling the United States his home after various stints in Nigeria, Germany, and England, Olaniran has in a very short time become one of the most beloved fixtures of an ever evolving Detroit music scene, as well as a driving force within the growing artistic community in Flint, MI (where he currently resides). His previous EPs have led to plenty of praise from outlets such as The New York Times, Pitchfork, NPR, Stereogum, Paste, BlackBook, Paste, EW and countless others while his penchant for channeling his energies into additional projects as an author, choreographer, and community organizer has made Olaniran’s voice one that can’t help but be heard in 2015. Says Olaniran: “Transgressor is a complete narrative, so the decision to perform the album live and in sequence is daunting but necessary. I hope people connect to the vision when seeing it performed live as one body of work. This night will definitely be a cathartic release and a celebration for me, and dance is one of the purest form celebration. I want people to associate Transgressor and transgression in general with movement; I hope we can imprint the songs onto people’s bodies, so dance and movement onstage will be a tool to do that.””
Transgressor is out August 7 on Quite Scientific Records; check out “KYBM” below.


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