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Robyn and La Bagatelle Magique: Love Is Free

From FACT:
“It’s been a little over a year since Do It Again, pop outlaw Robyn’s five-track EP with Bergen duo Röyksopp, and a little under five since its icon-making predecessor, the ambitious three-part LP Body Talk. Now, with help from Markus Jägerstedt and the late Christian Falk, the singer has launched a clubland project influenced by everything from Prefab Sprout and Suicide to Turkish folk, Arthur Russell and, most evidently, 90s house, her longstanding obsession. Back in 2013, Markus was inducted into the long-brewing partnership between Robyn and sometime mentor Christian, who’d stuck around since her teen-pop heyday in the 90s. During long nights probing Christian’s formidable record collection, the trio chipped away at the singer’s writer’s block and laid down a series of beat-driven bangers, initially slated for release under Robyn’s own name. “I said, ‘Fuck that!’” she laughs. “It felt like a band – we were all in each other’s business.” Robyn sang and played synths, bassist Markus multi-tasked, and at the controls was Christian, a faded postpunk who began DJing in the 90s. He kept the group’s house element intact, sometimes wiping Robyn’s pop choruses in an act of defiance. After his death last year of pancreatic cancer, at the age of 52, La Bagatelle Magique project buckled. Robyn and longtime bandmember Markus were whisked off on tour with Röyksopp, where each act played its own set before uniting for a firework finale. Rapturous Robyn fans went nuts for early airings of blueprint songs, left unfinished during their time with Christian. But the euphoric vibe didn’t sit right. “We had to finish the record,” Markus says, “so it didn’t get dark.” “When we started making the music together,” adds Robyn, “that’s what we were all into: euphoria. But then, that didn’t wane because he was sick – it just got more intense.”
The Love Is Free EP is out now via Interscope/ Konichiwa/ Cherrytree; check out the title track below.


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